Redefining Indian Politics: Mahua Moitra (Women’s Day Special)

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Well, it has been really long since I wrote my first blog on July 24, 2020 followed by the one that I am writing today. I have no hesitation in telling that it is because of my shear procrastination I couldn’t keep consistency and discipline with any task/work that I take up. Anyways, it is never too late.

These days it is really a seldom case that we get to hear some productive, thought-provoking, knowledge-based talks/speeches from the people in power, especially in the parliament. But then, recently, I got to hear a lady speaking her heart out about the issues she cared about the most. With such intensity, with such flow, with such genuineness, with such confidence she looked the most eloquent person in the room. Yes, I am talking about Mohua Moitra, Member of Parliament from Krishnanagar constituency, West Bengal. Mind you, this post has nothing to do with the upcoming elections in West Bengal. I couldn’t have got any better person to talk about on Women’s Day. Being graduated from Mount Holyoke, having well paid job at JPMorgan (JPMorgan Chase & Co. is an American multinational investment bank, the largest bank in the United States, and fifth-largest bank in the world with total assets of $3.213 trillion) whose assets are more than the GDPs of several countries. With all the luxury in life, she didn’t have any necessity to choose a path less traveled by joining Indian politics that too at the cost of a really well-settled life. But she did. When she was 30 she decided to come back to India and started grass-roots politics with no ancestral political background. Believe me, it needs guts and confidence to choose a challenging life over a luxurious one. With a mindset of doing something for the country comes a great risk. As you start to grab the attention, you start facing problems, criticism, allegations of the same magnitude, but you just have to deal with it and survive.

Now, when she has made her mark in the field by getting elected as MLA before and now as MP, the most obvious of the questions she could have faced was, Is it difficult being a woman politician?? There are only 78 female MPs in the parliament, only 600 female candidates have been elected to Indian parliament since independence. And she proudly says “I am one of the club of 600. Let my work define who and what I am rather than my gender. No one asks a man, how is it difficult being a man?”

When we try to discuss politics with classmates, colleagues, or friends, most common answer we get to hear is “I am not interested in politics”. According to Mahua moitra, the reason for such mindset is because nothing is affecting us today, and that’s because we are living in a world of privilege. Our own rights are not been taken away, we’ve never known hunger, we’ve never known poverty, our parents have never been persecuted, because of all these reasons we can afford to say we don’t care about politics. She adds, politics is not a dirty word, politics is knowing what is happening in the organizational structure of our country and where we want to take it. I feel, we just can’t sit and complain about the wrong things that happen around. We must do our part, no matter however little, as responsible citizens, friends, observers, or just as a human being. While the standards of policies and politicians are dipping to a new low each day, it is the people like her who bring me some hope like an oasis in desert. No matter however dirty the field is, we can make our mark and bring the changes if our efforts are genuine and consistent.

We cannot change the psychology of the world in a single day, but that change will be profound and lasting -Anonymous

Before we raise our glasses today for women’s day, we should know that this day is meant to create awareness about women’s issues, to talk about the challenges faced by women and not about trivializing gender. It is 2021 and is ironic that women are still fighting for the most basic and primitive of their rights. In a country like India, where goddesses are worshipped, it is severely painful to wake up to at least one news of a girl being raped every single day. It is required to accept women as humans first, listen to them, take them seriously, give them the due they deserve. Violence against women is real, worldwide 137 women are killed every day by men or family members, only 25% of parliamentarians are women globally, only 14 countries have 50% or more women in cabinet, the United Nations has never had a woman general secretary. This data reflects our practices towards women and their rights. An actual gift that we can give on this day is: bring out those who think it is okay to abuse women, call out the families that harass women, encourage women to speak up. All I want to say is, equality is beautiful, especially when a small change in mentality can bring the huge difference globally. Give it a try, it is always great to make them feel special. HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY!!

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