Author of this blog is a socially private person 🙂 haha.. That may sound little confusing. But yeah, be excited to know him and his thoughts through his blog posts. He comes from a place called Dharwad, located in Karnataka state of India. Currently he is pursuing PhD in Physics from Karnatak University Dharwad. As a reader you can find quotes in english as well as hindi, his opinion about Indian Politics and ongoing developments, scientific reports being made easy for common understanding and a lot of positive stuff. He is just a mediocre writer who is trying to make an attempt to keep you interested and entertained throughout this journey.

Dont Breakdown in Lockdown

  • This blog is a platform for the auther to articulate his thoughts and bring something exciting for you.
  • Basically fuorescence is the emission of electromagnetic radiation (usually visible light) from a fluorescent material as a consequence of absorption of energy from radiations or particles. Exactly in a similar way, when our thoughts are provoked by the things happening around us, we come up with our own interpretations and reactions. Through this blog, author would like to emit his thoughts (in a certain range which are in his ‘visible region’) just like a fluorescent material so the name “The Fluorescent Mind”. (Dont take the explanation seriously :D)